Padma Samye Jetavan, was dedicated in 2004. It is located in Jetavan Grove in Shravasti, where Buddha Shakyamuni resided and taught for 24 years during the rainy season and performed many miracles for 15 days. The first miracle stupa was erected in commeration of these remarkable displays. However, due to tragedy and invasions, the original stupa was reduced to ruins.

It was the long time wish and lifelong vision of the Venerable Khenpos to restore the magnificence of this holy site. Rising 100 feet into the sky, the Great Miracle Stupa commemorates Lord Buddha’s activities in this auspicious location, and is just 5 miles from the original stupa. Intended to last 1,000 years, the rebuilt stupa temple houses a large stone Buddha and is made of the finest materials available in India today. Learn more here.