“Wisdom is not something we can obtain from outside ourselves; it has been with us from beginningless time. This enlightened nature pervades every sentient being equally. It is not the case that only the Buddha has this nature; it exists in every mind. Although ignorance and obscurations cover our wisdom, the primordial nature is always radiating. For example, we know in a general way what is good for us and what is bad for us. This is the power of the primordial wisdom, radiating through the heaviness of ignorance.
However, for wisdom to manifest we have to work to bring it out. The discovery of wisdom requires relating with your mind by having discipline and concentration. In the beginning of Dharma practice, it is important to know that the mind is the most important thing to work with, and the best ways to work with it are through discipline, concentration, and wisdom. By practicing these three techniques, enlightenment is right here with us.”

-Venerable Khenpo Rinpoches
The Buddhist Path

The Venerable Khenpo Rinpoches have taught the Dharma in the United States for more than thirty years. In that time, they have given over a decade of shedra teachings. These clear and profound teachings include detailed summaries and commentaries by great Nyingma masters such as Kunkhyen Longchenpa and Mipham Rinpoche. Each of the PSL Shedra Series books distils the essential meaning of the Nyingmapa shedra program that the Venerable Rinpoches received in Tibet as the last generation of lamas to be taught in the traditional monastic setting, which had carefully preserved the lineage teachings for centuries.

The PSL Shedra Series is developing into a complete and comprehensive Nyingma shedra curriculum that will serve as the basis for the present and future study of the Buddhadharma in PBC Centers. It is our hope that these books will provide a solid framework for traditional Tibetan Buddhist study by people in the English-speaking world, whose busy lives do not easily allow for more extended periods of retreat and study.

With the PSL Shedra Series, the Venerable Khenpo Rinpoches are directly sustaining and glorifying the study curriculum that has enabled the Buddha- dharma to be successfully carried from generation to generation. By developing intelligent, thorough analysis, practitioners establish a reliable foundation for realizing the path of enlightenment.

Padma Samye Ling Shedra Series

Turning The Wisdom Wheel of the Nine Golden Chariots: An Overview of the Nine Yanas

Volume 1- Opening the Clear Vision of the Vaibhashika and Sautrantika Schools

Volume 2- Opening the Clear Vision of the Mind Only School

Volume 3- Opening the Wisdom Door of the Madhyamaka School

Volume 4- Opening the Wisdom Door of the Rangtong & Shentong Views: A Brief Explanation of the One Taste of the Second and Third Turnings of the Wheel Of Dharma

Volume 5- Opening the Wisdom Door of the Outer Tantras: Refining Awareness Through Ascetic Ritual and Purification Practice

Volume 6- Splendid Presence of the Great Guhyagarbha: Opening the Wisdom Door of the King of All Tantras

Volume 7- Key To Opening the Wisdom Door of Anuyoga: Exploring the One Taste of the Three Mandalas