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Self Development Dzogchen Retreat: Lama Shabkar’s Golden Needle

July 31, 2015 - August 1, 2015

PSL Summer Dzogchen Retreat:Lama Shabkar Tsokdruk Rangdrol’s “Golden Needle”
July 27 – August 2, 2015
Enjoy daily meditation sessions with the renowned Tibetan Buddhist scholar and meditation master Ven. Khenpo Tsewang Rinpoche in the main shrine room at Padma Samye Ling. Receive profound, ancient pith instructions that you can apply during formal meditation sessions and throughout your daily life.
This is an extraordinary opportunity to receive personal meditation instructions directly from a great living lineage master. You will be amazed by how special it is to receive authentic lineage instructions from Khenpo Rinpoche in the exact same way that the teachings have been passed from teacher to students for centuries. How wonderful!
“The Buddha‰۪s teachings can be grouped into three levels. The foundation level is the Hinayana, the second level is the Mahayana, and the third and highest level is the Vajrayana. All of the Hinayana teachings are contained in the Mahayana, and all of the Hinayana and Mahayana teachings are contained in the Vajrayana. This means the Vajrayana is the complete teaching of the Buddha.
The masters of the Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism divided the Hinayana, Mahayana, and Vajrayana into nine levels or yanas. Yana can be translated into English as ‰ÛÏvehicle‰۝ or ‰ÛÏcarrier.‰۝ In the same way we just discussed, the first yana is contained in the second, the first and second yanas are contained in the third, and so on, until we reach the ninth and ultimate yana: Dzogchen. Dzogchen means ‰ÛÏGreat Completion‰۝ or ‰ÛÏGreat Perfection,‰۝ because it alone contains all the previous eight yanas, as well as itself. This means that Dzogchen is the all-encompassing, whole, complete teaching of the Buddha.”
Lama Shabkar Tsokdruk Rangdrol (1781-1851) was one of the most beloved nonsectarian masters of Tibet. Lama Shabkar was a venerated and loved yogi whose life exemplified Milarepa, of whom he is held to be a reincarnation. Lama Shabkar was born in the province of Amdo in north eastern Tibet. Ordained as a Gelug monk, the great yogi Shabkar was renowned for his teachings on Dzogchen, the heart practice of the Nyingma lineage. He wandered the countryside of Tibet and Nepal, turning many minds toward the Dharma through his ability to communicate the essence of the teachings in a poetic and crystal-clear way.
You’re welcome to attend all or part of this retreat.
Perfect retreat for both beginning and long-time meditators.
Padma Samye Ling
618 Buddha Highway
Sidney Center, NY 13839
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For more information, please be in touch:
(607) 865-8068
Suggested Donation:
PBC members: $305; $64/day
Non-members: $369; $80/day
(607) 865-8068


July 31, 2015
August 1, 2015


Padma Samye Ling – New York
(607) 865-8068


Padma Samye Ling
618 Buddha Hwy.
Sidney Center, NY 13839 United States
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