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PSL Philosophical Shedra: The Three Vows

August 24, 2019 @ 7:00 am - August 29, 2019 @ 1:00 pm

The Three Vows of Foundational, Mahayana, and Vajrayana Buddhism
by Ngari Panchen
with commentary by His Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche
by Ven. Khenpo Tsewang Dongyal Rinpoche
Three-Year Shedra with Certification upon Completion
Year 1: Foundational Buddhism
Lay Vinaya Vows

The three sets of vows (Skt. trisaṃvara; Tib. སྡོམ་གསུམ་, dom sum; Wyl. sdom gsum) are:

  1. the vows of pratimoksha or of individual liberation (Tib. སོ་ཐར་གྱི་སྡོམ་པ་, sotar gyi dompa);
  2. the bodhisattva vows (Tib. བྱང་ཆུབ་སེམས་དཔའི་སྡོམ་པ་, changchub sempé dompa);
  3. the samayas of the secret mantrayana (Tib. གསང་སྔགས་ཀྱི་སྡོམ་པ་, sang ngag kyi dompa).

 In The Mirror Clearly Showing What to Adopt and Abandon—Guidelines for the Monastic Sangha and the Order of Vidyadharas, H.H. Dudjom Rinpoche said:

  • To abandon entirely all negative intentions and actions of body, speech and mind that might cause harm to others is the essence of the pratimoksha, or vows of individual liberation.
  • To practise wholeheartedly all types of virtue that bring benefit to others is the essence of the bodhisattva’s vows.
  • At the root of these two is taming one’s own unruly mind by means of mindfulness, vigilance and conscientiousness, and training oneself to recognize the all-encompassing purity of appearance and existence. This is the essence of the vows of secret mantra.
There will be two daily teachings by Ven. Khenpo Tsewang Rinpoche (approx. 10am-noon and 3:30-6:00pm), with lots of time for questions and answers, morning and evening meditation practices, and additional evening group discussions.

Join us for all or part of this special retreat.


PBC members: $305; $64/day

Non-members: $371; $80/day


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August 24, 2019 @ 7:00 am
August 29, 2019 @ 1:00 pm


Padma Samye Ling – New York
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Padma Samye Ling
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