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This sadhana is a compilation of several confessions prayers, including:

(1) “The Inexpressible Absolute Purification” from the Undefiled Supreme Confession Tantra” in “The Shower of Blessings.” (pgs 1-12)

(2) “The Stainless King,” from the fourth Chapter of the Tantra of Confession, about purifying transgressions between the wisdom deities and the family lineage. (pgs 13-22)

(3) “The Fourteen Root Transgressions” by Master Ashvagosha (pgs 23-30)

(4) “The Eight Secondary Transgressions” by Nagarjuna (pgs 31-32)

(5) “Lamp Offering Prayer” to purify even the strongest samaya transgressions (pgs 33-36)

(6) The Brief Fulfillment Prayer and Aspiration Prayer by Mipham Rinpoche in “The Shower of Blessings.” (pgs 37-39)

39 pages; spiral binding, laminated front and back covers.

2012 Copyright by Dharma Samudra

Does not require transmission or empowerment.