Riwo Sang Chod – Mountain of Burnt Offerings

Mountain of Burnt Offerings
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The Mountain of Burnt Offerings is Herein Contained (ri bo bsang mchod kyi dag don khrigs bkol bzhugs) as revealed by Terton Lhatsun Namkha Jigmed. “This practice is known as the diamond practice. It can prolong life and remove obstacles particularly those associated with unpaid karmic debts. This was revealed in Sikkim the secret hidden land to Namkha Jigmed by the dakinis who revealed it to him as the practice which would open the gate to the secret land.” 37 pages. This is the fire puja used during PBC retreats. Spiral bound; laminated front and back covers.

1998 copyright by Dharma Samudra.

Restricted practice text requiring transmission or empowerment from a qualified lineage holder.

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