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Letter to a Friend by the great master Nagarjuna contains very practical advice and detailed instructions for all generations. It has been kept close to the heart and actualized by many practitioners across the centuries in India and Tibet. The main topic is how to be a good, decent, and responsible person in samsara. These principles are important and valuable for anyone, no matter where they live or what they believe.
Buddha Shakyamuni was once a very ordinary person like many of us. He went through many different challenges and difficulties for over three countless aeons, but with courage and commitment he continually maintained his beautiful motivation of bodhichitta, thinking of all living beings with love, compassion, and wisdom. Through his determination, courage, and aspirations, he fulfilled the ocean-like merits of accumulation and wisdom, and by completing these two merits he gloriously achieved buddhahood.
This book is a brief history of Buddhism: how it took birth in this world, how the teachings of Buddha Shakyamuni were preserved over the centuries, and how the Mahayana and Vajrayana teachings took root.
What is the Buddha’s teaching really? What we’re really talking about is love. We’re talking about kindness and compassion, and about how to remove and release the grasping of duality. This isn’t only taught in Buddhism. The nature isn’t dominated by any one tradition. The nature is free, open, and relaxed.
The Buddha simply pointed out the way the nature is. This is what the gracious teacher Buddha taught and what he practiced. His actions followed his words. He was humble and simple, and walked with bare feet, holding an alms bowl, picking up his own food along with his students.
The Buddha loved all living beings like his only child. Love and compassion have no boundaries. We need to reactivate these beautiful qualities within ourselves. This will make our lives meaningful. We will be happy, peaceful, and joyful in this life, and we will leave this life with joy, peace, and happiness. We will also leave a good legacy and example for our family members, friends, neighbors, and for everyone we’re connected with.