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A Commentary on The Praise to the Twenty-One Taras
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The twenty-one emanations of Tara the mother of all the buddhas manifests swiftly to protect sentient beings from all fears, pacify evils, disease, and misfortune, increase longevity, wealth, and merit, overpower deluded perception and destroy the enemy of five poisons – one’s disturbing emotions.

In this book, Ven. Khenchen Palden Sherab Rinpoche presents The Praise to the Twenty-One Taras in view of Longchen Nyingthig terma teaching. It has four levels of meaning: the (1) outer, (2) inner, (3) secret, and the (4) ultimate meaning explained according to Prajnaparamita, Maha, Anu, and Atiyoga.

Published by Sky Dancer Press.

Includes 21 color plates.

193 pgs.