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Opening the Door to Tibetan Buddhism
according to the Nyingma lineage of the Venerable Khenpo Rinpoches.

An accessible introduction to the three levels of Buddhist practice and study: (1) Basic Buddhism, (2) Mahayana Buddhism, and (3) Tibetan Buddhism. This booklet covers the essential teachings of the Buddha, the practical steps to cultivate an open heart and awakened mind, the practice of Tonglen (“Sending and Taking” meditation), the meaning and unique qualities of Tibetan Buddhism, an overview of how all the teachings of the Buddha naturally fit together, and a detailed daily meditation practice from start to finish.

Perfect for people just beginning to investigate Buddhism, as well as seasoned practitioners who want a condensed, practical guide that highlights all of the essential points of the path of enlightenment.

Size 8.25″ x 10.75.”
16 Color pages.

Published by Padmasambhava Buddhist Center in 2015.