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The Invincible Determination of the Princess Yeshe Dawa
A Commentary on the Twenty-One Verses of Praise and Homage with the Root Mantra of Ārya Tārā

by Ven. Khenchen Palden Sherab Rinpoche
Translated by the Samye Translation Group


“Noble Lady Tārā is truly a living buddha right now, guiding and helping all beings, and she will continually be a protector and guide for all who are devoted to her. How did Tārā become a buddha? The gracious teacher Buddha Śākyamuni gave many beautiful teachings about how she developed her realization and appeared as a protector of this world to liberate all beings. According to a common understanding of gradual development on the path, the Buddha mentioned that her journey began as an extraordinary, courageous princess known as Yeshe Dawa, who eventually reached full enlightenment.


There are many Tārā sādhanas, covering the entire range of her four activities of pacifying, enriching, magnetizing, and liberating. There are also quite a few commentaries on the Praises to the Twenty- One Tārās by many great masters. This commentary is written by the very well-known master and Vajrayāna Buddhist monk and scholar Venerable Khenchen Palden Sherab Rinpoche precisely according to the lineage instructions. This is a stainless, pure nectar teaching by one who maintains the perfect lineage of the Buddhadharma and Vajrayāna teachings. The Invincible Determination of the Princess Yeshe Dawa: A Commentary on the Twenty-One Verses of Praise and Homage with the Root Mantra of Ārya Tārā, is quite unique in that it is so comprehensive and complete, and includes all the levels of the Inner Tantras of the Vajrayāna. It includes many methods that we can apply to actualize our realization of the nature of mind, including according to: (1) a devotional level of practice, (2) the creation stage visualization practice of Mahāyoga, (3) the completion stage with characteristics of Tsalung and Tummo of Anuyoga, and finally (4) the completion stage without characteristics of Dzogchen Atiyoga. This book explains these four different ways to explore the profound, secret practices of the Praises to the Twenty-One Tārās for each of the Twenty-One Tārās, according to however a disciple wishes to practice.


It has been an honor for us to translate Ven. Khenchen Palden Sherab Rinpoche’s commentary. I had the opportunity to see Ven. Khenchen Palden Sherab Rinpoche’s original, handwritten manuscript in Tibetan, and this translation lines up exactly with his supreme wishes to benefit the Buddhadharma and all beings.”


-Ven. Khenpo Tsewang Dongyal Rinpoche


Paperback | Full Color
Dharma Samudra | 11/3/22
Pages: 294 | Size: 6 x 9
ISBN: 978-1-7335411-7-6




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