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Browse the PBC Chiso store online for a wide variety of Tibetan Buddhist ritual items and Dharma treasures, including Venerable Khenpo Rinpoches’ 25 books, Dharma Samudra sadhana prayer texts, new statues and thangkas from Nepal, a variety of malas, jewelry, and more!

100% of proceeds support PBC Dharma activities!

♦ Education and daily needs of the PBC nuns and monks in Sarnath, India
♦ PSL Shantarakshita Library Archives of Khenpo Rinpoches’ teachings since 1982
♦ PBC Publications
♦ Commissioning statues and ritual objects for PSL and Sarnath Monastery & Nunnery

If you have any questions, please contact us. Thanks for your generous support! Tashi deleg!